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Our Team

Ashley Young

Ashley Young

Ashley has been working here at HSS-EVC for over 10 years.  You will most likely find her either in the office helping a client, or in the barn helping the doctors with patient care.  She loves the variety, as each day is different, and she is wonderful at balancing all the demands of our growing clinics.  Ashley loves being able to help our 4-legged clients to get better, and to stay as healthy and happy as possible.  The equine breeding program is especially fun for her in the spring, when adorable foals abound in our barn and turn-outs.  Ashley is very responsive to all of our patient (and their owner’s) needs, as she is also a loving pet owner.  In her spare time, she enjoys riding and showing her three horses, and playing with her three dogs, barn cats, turtles, tortoises and snakes.


Sheila Kinross

Sheila came to BCVC & HSS-EVC in May 2015.  She brings with her 15 years experience in the veterinary industry.   She has lived in Wilton for 30 years where she and her husband have raised two sons.  Their house hold consists of 5 rat terriers, box turtles, water turtles, chickens and one goat.  When not a work you can find her camping, fishing and gardening.

Felix 200x300

Felix Soto

Felix has worked at HSS-EVC for 16 years.  He was born in Mexico but has lived in the US since 1994.  It was after coming to the US that he first started working with horses. Felix has not only become quite the experienced horse handler, but he can fix anything around the ranch and is an invaluable asset to the clinic.  He takes great pride in his ability to handle horses in any situation.  Felix’s bilingual skills are of a great benefit to the staff as he is often found acting as a translator. On his days off Felix enjoys spending time with his three children, wife and family dog.