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How To Find A Vet In Sacramento

Finding a vet for your horse in Sacramento is the most important thing any horse-owner needs to do. This is in order to correct any problems, have the Sacramento vet vaccinate your horse against deadly diseases, and get good advice.

Before selecting someone out of the Sacramento phonebook, or Sacramento yellowpages.com- try asking other horse-owning friends for advice. Odds are, those who have been around the equine vet circuit in Sacramento can already distinguish the good apples from the bad. It helps to check with friends who have the same breed of horse as yours, as some professionals are more comfortable and experienced, around certain breeds.

Read reviews. In the information age, there’s no reason to blindly take your horse to just any Sacramento vet. A solid professional will have referrals, satisfied customers, and probably a few reviews on www.Yelp.com/Sacramento or www.Sacramento.CitySearch.com.

Of course, take them with a grain of salt. It’s not uncommon for someone to have great reviews from regulars, and a few not-so-great reviews from others. Sometimes, there just isn’t any chemistry between the horse-owner and the clinic staff. Of course there’s always a chance the Sacramento Vet is just no good… in which case the bad reviews will completely outnumber the good. Stay clear!

Remember, every vet has their own style, but there are some hard and fast guidelines to keep in mind when selecting a vet in Sacramento.

1) They always listen carefully. No matter how busy they are.

2) They always handle your horse comfortably and easily…no matter the horse’s condition or temperament.

3) They should always take the time to explain the course of treatment to you.  And that explanation should be made in a way that is reasonable and clear.

4) They must have strong knowledge of second and third-line treatment options.

5) Their staff is courteous and provides appropriate consultation around medications, dosing, and schedule.

Keep those tips in mind! Selecting a vet in Sacramento is not always easy, but if it’s done right, your horse will be thankful to you forever!

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So You Don’t Board With A Sacramento Vet…

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

Attention Sacramento Vets and horse owners: It’s becoming increasingly important to put a lot of thought into who you board your horse with.

I mean, think about it. Let’s say you board at just any old public stable. They don’t have staff on hand who can quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions, so someone brings in their feverish and unhealthy equine…and it gets placed right next to your perfectly healthy one.

The two horses get to know each other… and to be polite, your horse even shares a slurp or two out of its water container.

A few days later, the staff notice the two horses are a little more quiet than usual, but don’t think anything is wrong.. until you get back and realize your horse is seriously ill.

At that point a Sacramento Vet can be called but now it’s too late, and you have to pay for all that treatment that could have just been prevented in the first place.

When boarding with a good Sacramento Vet, you’ll see that your horse gets treated with the utmost safety. Here are some reasons to board with a Sacramento Vet:

1) If we see a horse is ill, we quarantine it- and don’t let it infect your horse.
2) We keep a highly hygienic environment that limits the possibility of sharing disease.
3) We are trained to diagnose even preliminary symptoms of disease and can isolate a horse before it spreads to others.

It’s hard to get this kind of expertise in a regular stable. That is because some stable workers, even though they mean best, just don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do in regards to health and diagnosis. You can’t really fault them when they don’t know they have done anything wrong.

That’s why it’s important to go with a professional- someone who can guarantee a solid  boarding agreement. One that keeps all parties concerned completely responsible for their actions. A good agreement will protect everyone; Sacramento Vets, owners, and the horses themselves.

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