Dr. Diane Isbell to Speak at Horseman’s Day

Dr. Diane Isbell, DVM, graduated from UC Davis.  For over 25 years she has enjoyed Equine Sports Medicine practice.  Her interest in ultrasound began before vet school when machines in the early stages where used on the breeding and training farms where she worked.   Diane was fortunate to have Dr. Carol Gillis as an instructor in vet school.  Dr. Gillis obtained her PhD is in tendon maturation and healing while starting and developing the ultrasound unit at Davis.  It was her enthusiasm, attention to detail, knowledge and application of ultrasound to every part of the horse’s body that opened Diane’s eyes to the possibilities offered by ultrasound imaging.

Over the years, ultrasound has been a driving force in Dr. Isbell’s practice.  It’s a rare day that she doesn’t scan several horses.  And she scans a wide range of lameness issues ranging from the spine to the foot.

Dr. Isbell assists in teaching ultrasound across the country instructing with gifted ultrasonographers such as Dr. Gillis and Dr. Philippe Benoit from France.  She has authored “Ultrasound Imaging of the Suspensory Ligament – A Practical Reference Guide” and co-authored “Ultrasound Imaging of the Foot – A Practical Reference Guide”.  She also consults for VetImaging, an ultrasound sales and education company.

Dr. Isbel will be a presenter at the March 23 Horseman’s Day at Hunter Stallion Station.  Her topic will be Ultrasound – You and Your Horse’s New Best Friend!  Sign up for this free event and enjoy other speakers and a tri-tip barbeque.