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Keeping Your Horse Healthy

Why Does My Horse Need to See the Vet
Even When He Isn’t Sick??

While your horse may be healthy, it is important to have an annual wellness exam performed by your veterinarian. This exam allows us to evaluate not only your horse, but any concerns or questions you might have about caring for your horse.

We often combine this exam with a vaccine appointment, as we create a specialized vaccine plan for each horse. We also address parasite prevention, nutrition, dental care and any other concerns that might show up during the exam.

Seeing you and your horse yearly also establishes a Veterinary Client Patient relationship which allows us to treat and diagnose your horse, and make sure that we take the best care possible of your horse.

Come join us at Hunter Stallion Station on September 7, 2016 at 6pm for a short educational seminar on the importance of wellness exams and what preventative measures we can take to keep your horse happy and healthy! RSVP and learn more HERE.

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