Horseman’s Day Features Stash Easton

Meet Stash Easton
Marketing Manager, Horse Business Group
Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC

Stash will be a presenter at the March 23rd Horseman’s Day at Hunter Stallion Station.  His topic will be Choosing the Feed Program for Your Horse.

How did you determine the type and amount of feed for your horse?  If you have more than one, are they all being fed the same even though they may differ in size, breed, age and use? Should the performance horse be provided with the same nutrition as the broodmare?

Creating a feeding program requires a knowledge of nutrient requirements and an understanding of the composition and use of common feeds. The individuality of horses and their behavior should be taken into consideration along with the need to maintain the proper body condition, and obtain maximum performance.   The ration should be formulated to meet the nutrient requirements for the appropriate physiological state of each horse.

Stash Easton grew up on a quarter horse ranch in Modesto, California. He was exposed to all aspects of the industry including raising, training, breeding, conditioning, and sales of quarter horses. Stash began showing cutting horses in college, while getting a degree in Business Management at the University of the Pacific and continues to show when time permits.

Stash worked as an Equine Specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC from 1999 thru 2012. As a sales representative of Purina, he worked with large commercial equine facilities; trainers; breeders; veterinarians; and feed dealers on the topics of equine nutrition and nutrition management.  In 2010, Stash returned to school and earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from Saint Mary’s College of California, and in January of 2013 he began a new role as Marketing Manager for Equine.

This presentation will lead off the Horseman’s Day program, starting at 11:00 am.  Learn more on the Hunter Stallion Station Events page, where you can sign up to attend.