Horseman’s Day Features Equine Experts in Nutrition and Ultrasound Technology

by Dr. Robert Hunter, DVM

Each year, as the foaling season begins and horse owners start gearing up for show season, trail riding and getting rid of that winter coat, Hunter Stallion Station hosts Horseman’s Day at their clinic in Wilton, California.  Horseman’s Day brings in experts on various topics relating to equine health, nutrition and the latest in veterinary technology.  It is our pleasure to offer this event free to our clients and for horse lovers from throughout Northern California.

Horseman’s Day 2013 will be held on Saturday, March 23rd.  Our featured speakers will be Stash Easton, Marketing Manager for Equine Products at Purina Animal Nutrition, speaking on Choosing the Feed Program for Your Horse, and Dr. Diane Isbell, Equine Sports Medicine Veterinarian and Author, who will update guests on Ultrasound – You and Your Horse’s New Best Friend.  In-between lectures, a free tri-tip barbeque lunch will be served, courtesy of Hunter Stallion Station, and the following sponsors: Purina, Patterson Veterinary, Luitpold, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Be sure to sign up on our Events page so that we can be prepared to seat all of our guests.  You may also let us know by email at or call the clinic at (916) 687-6870.