Foal Services

Foal Services

Hunter Stallion Station Equine Veterinary Clinic offers full services for foals, from birth through weaning.

MareWithFoalNew Foal & Mare Exams

Includes: mare exam, foal exam, IgG (foal antibody test), tetanus antitoxin

*plasma transfusions and e.coli endotox antibody (available upon request)

Foal Vaccine & Deworming Schedule

Age: Birth to 48 hours
E. Coli endotoxin, Tetanus Antitoxin, Check IgG Level
No Deworming

Age: 2 months
No Vaccination Recommended
Use Strongid for Deworming

Age: 3 months  (Note: If mare has not had pre-foaling vaccines, then start vaccinating the foal at 3 months of age instead of 6 months, or if your foal was born in April-June start at 3 months)
No Vaccination Recommended
Use Ivermectin for Deworming

Learn the rest of the recommended schedule up to 12 months old.

Low Stress Weaning

At Hunter Stallion Station we believe the weaning process does not have to be stressful for the mare or foal.  Transitioning into the separation over a minimum 5 day time period is best for both, and proper nutrition to stabilize the gut should also be considered.

Hunter Stallion Station will board your mare and foal and provide 24/7 surveillance.   Your foal will be halter broken and receive preliminary ground training.  Other services can include vaccines, worming as needed, and fecal egg counts for the mare.

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If this is an emergency, please do not use this form. Call (916) 687-6870.
If this is an emergency, please do not use this form. Call HSS at 916.687.6870.