Equine Body Work

Hunter Stallion Station now offers a holistic method to address muscle, spine and joint related health concerns for your horse.

We can integrate an exam from our veterinarians with Bodywork services to provide complete and compassionate care.

For our small animal owners, Bodywork services are also available through Badger Creek Veterinary Clinic for your dogs and cats.


Bodywork services are performed by MC Kidd of Infinite Equine Solutions. MC is a veterinarian approved, certified and successful animal body therapist with over 15 years experience in the animal wellness field. She will use advanced techniques and cutting edge therapy equipment to relieve restrictions and pain, bringing support to the whole body.

Convenient Location for your Large and Small Animals

Bring your dog or cat along and enjoy $40 off the initial veterinary exam and full bodywork session. 

Call (916) 687-6870 to make an appointment!