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 About Hunter Stallion Station Equine Veterinary Clinic

Hunter Stallion Station Equine Veterinary Clinic (HSS-EVC) is located in Wilton, CA, just south of Sacramento. Robert Hunter, DVM first founded Hunter Stallion Station in 1985 as a breeding and boarding facility at its current location. In 1991, Hunter Stallion Station expanded to include general equine veterinary care. In 2004, Hunter Stallion Station evolved to become Hunter Stallion Station Equine Veterinary Clinic, a full service equine veterinary hospital. At Hunter Stallion Station, we firmly believe that horses come first and work hand in hand with owners in order to provide the best care possible. The staff at HSS-EVC works diligently to keep owners educated and informed through educational seminars, publications, and annual Horsemen’s Day events. We are dedicated to each horse’s unique needs and strive to offer the highest quality of service available in the industry, with the most up-to-date technology for optimal results. From conception to the show ring and throughout their geriatric years, we are here to provide you and your horses with personalized veterinary care, available 24/7.

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 Veterinary Services

Hunter Stallion Station is a full service equine veterinary clinic that strives to provide the highest quality of service to you and your horses. Our facility is custom built to accommodate a full array of reproduction work, including collecting stallions, artificial insemination of your mare with both frozen and fresh cooled semen, breeding soundness exams, and foaling services.  Our team is dedicated to providing the best care throughout the life of your horse, and offers a variety of wellness services centered on keeping your horse happy and healthy, including but not limited to vaccines, dental exams, wellness exams, and routine bloodwork. Whether your horse frequents the trails or spends part of the year in the show ring, our sports medicine services are right up your alley! We offer performance evaluations, lameness work ups, pre-purchase examinations and much more in order to keep your athletes fine-tuned and performing at their best.

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