Hunter Stallion Station’s farrier, Moses Gonzales, has been involved with horses since childhood and is a second generation farrier from the state of Hawaii.

Almost every member of his large and diverse family is involved with the horse world either by horseshoeing or participating in horse events.  And it continues with the 3rd and 4th generations throughout the United States.

Moses has a signature horseshoeing style. He is renowned for his ability to look beyond the feet to see the whole horse.  He is sought out by veterinarians, horse owners of all disciplines, his peers and other equine specialists. His unique observations and expertise often lead to life saving changes to your horse.

As a skilled horseman, Moses can feel what you feel when you ride your horse.  He understands a bobble or a stride that is short.  He understands why a horse may have difficulty traveling one way more than the other.  He believes that, just as humans are right-handed or left, so are horses.  Moses knows how to balance to their natural side of strength.  He can  look at your horse and assess its movement.

Moses shares his knowledge of horseshoeing at various national conferences and with individual groups that are interested in his techniques and applications.  He looks forward to questions and the chance to exchange information.

Not every horse can be recreated to perfection.  However, as your horse’s advocate, you can provide a better quality of existence with the expertise offered by Moses Gonzales.

Consultations with Farrier Moses Gonzales

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